Your medicines in a simple, handy pouch

50% of patients on long-term medication regularly miss doses.

The Dears Pharmacy PillPack means you never have to miss a dose again.

The freedom to take your medication with you wherever you are.

On time, every time to ensure you can keep on top of your health.

Trusted: Established 1990


Dears Pharmacy are a group of pharmacies established in 1990 that provide a range of NHS services that can deliver your medication for FREE across Scotland. The Dears Pill Pouch helps to sort your medication into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches along with any other medication you may need.

Medicines: Sorted


Simple handy pouch

We deliver your pouches along with any additional items you need in one delivery box. Now there’s no need to wait in line at your local pharmacy or surgery, creating you have more time to do the things you love.


Organised medication

We arrange your medication into easy-to-open pouches, by dose, in the order that you need to take them, so you can have peace of mind that your medication is correct and ready to take.


Never miss a dose

Every dose is labelled with a full contents description, as well as the date and time it needs to be taken. Our clear packaging helps you take each dose exactly as prescribed.


Freedom to take with you on the go

Our lightweight pouches are ideal for taking on the go. You can simply tear off your dose and take it with you, wherever you need to go.


FREE Service

Our service and delivery are completely free of charge. You can enjoy simpler medication at no cost to you.


FREE Delivery

Your medication is delivered direct to your door.


Signing up is easy




Order your prescription from your GP.




GP surgeries normally require patients to place their first order when moving to a new pharmacy. If your GP surgery allows this then we can order for you in future.




We organise your medication. We can collect your prescription locally in Edinburgh & Fife or you can send us your scripts for FREE using the Free Post label which you can download below. We can then pre-pack it into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches, along with any other items you may need.



We can then pre-pack it into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches along with any other items you may need and will deliver to you for FREE. Our highly trained pharmacists are available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday to support you with any questions about your medication.


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